Have you ever faced job burnout? If so, how hadled it?

Alena Shikova
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That's a ubiquitous issue nowadays - professional burnout. I've been hearing from all around the valley: "I'm burnt out" so many times that I've decided to find out if it's really a problem or just the next glorified, worthless, and time-filling topic. For me, it's true. I got burnout many times and I understand how painful it can be. But are there many individuals similar to me? And one more question: How to handle job burnout in the right way? I know loads of articles that cover this topic spinning on the Web, but is the advice they give really working? I'd like to hear from you something that came in handy and practice, something that worked personally for your situation. Appreciate all the answers in advance! Thank you, guys!


robiul haque
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Spend some time thinking about how you approach stress, Focus on stories and examples that communicate a moment of personal growth, Be prepared for follow-up questions and many more.
Edward G
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Recently dealt with that myself. I took time off work. Not a vacation but left entirely. This isn't an easy decision and usually goes against best practice of finding another job before you leave. I needed to step away from my situation to recover from it, understand what caused it, and figure out next steps in life to determine how to prevent it from happening again. Some things to keep in mind is asking if what you're doing is fulfilling for you, does it give you energy, and how do you handle the inevitable stressors that will come up no matter what. Disconnecting more is a big factor I feel. We multi-task and overwhelm ourselves with stimuli the brain doesn't get a breather.
Sofia Polonska
SURE! SIMPLE DOING NOTHING and sleeping well always best choice)))))))
opous op
Hi! Yes, I had a similar condition, because my boss was a real asshole. He was very aggressive towards his employees and constantly delayed our salary. I found an alternative way to earn money for myself. This is my hobby, which now brings me a good income 2winbet review. I plan to quit this job and find another one. I hope you don't have a similar situation, because it's very bad.
Daria Novikova
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as a content manager, I'm facing regular burnouts like you too. by the nature of our work, we have to constantly browse the web and read a lot of stuff. I like to practise a so-called "digital detox" when you just escape from the digital space for a couple of days (better weeks) and change the type of activity - do sports, dance, etc. that works for me :)