How to find local sales managers in different countries?

Julia Doronina
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We are planning to sell our solution worldwide and looking for local sales managers that can help us. They know local potential users, their habits, can speak the local language, and so on. We will be happy to share a percentage of the deal with this person. But the main question is where we can find these guys.


Do you mean affiliates?
Julia Doronina
@i_shank No, mostly real people, who have a great network and can tell about our solution and present it in different companies directly.
Julia Doronina
@ambika_mukherjee1 regarding affiliate programs we know, thank you, but I mean real professionals who can make an introduction and sell our solution in big corporations thanks to their network
Valerie Borshch
Linkedin +, I used to search different people locally and worldwide, if it'll work for you, let me know the case. Good luck
Johny Bram
Just Search ;)
Peter Chudakov
This is a very hard question and there is probably no general solution. Hiring sales, training them and building relationships with people from big companies is a very tough and continues task. Try looking for digital agencies, which already have contracts with companies you want to enter. If they find your solution interesting - this will speed up the process significantly.
Julia Doronina
@_reskript Thank you very much for this advice! We will try.