How many hours do you work on your startup every day?

Julia Doronina
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Misha Krunic
I try to keep it between 6-8 hours, but honestly, most of the days it goes over that number.
Benoit Chambon
At least 9 hours (flexible coming and leaving times), depending on my tasks and priorities :)
Arthur Conan
I try to devote at least 6 hours to my startups every day.
Dimi Tarasowski
Not more than 8. Otherwise my productivity drops to zero.
Julia Doronina
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Julia Doronina
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Is it work if it's fun?
Alexey Shashkov
Full time. Every single hour=) Even when I'm sleeping=)
Jung Min
Find it important to give yourselves breaks! I find the more you work the less productive you become by the end. Give yourself time to experience the world around to make sure your head is set straight lol.
Just starting - need to balance between day job and the new startup
Derek Duban
24/7 - but I allow myself to be a bit lazy in the afternoons.
Kevin Offret
8/10 hours, 6 days per week haha, i'm mad
Mavlonbek Muratov
As much as possible. I don't have set hours.
Oliver Kraftman
Feel a constant pressure on myself/anxiety to work more hours, but know that I need downtime to be most productive and slowly learning to go easier on myself. Psychology of entrepreneurship is wild....
I usually go on a flow. On approx, I guess it goes about 8 hours a day including weekends. But I do things leisurely during weekends. :)
Julia Doronina
@senthil_nathan9 the same situation! because weekends are created to relax haha
We Got Tires LLC
good question, i need to increase. we are selling best tires in USA.
Coin Analytics
Very early days for me so spend many hours for now. Iā€™m sure will be rewarded when all is ready and complete.