How long did it take you to get to product-market fit?

James Quinn
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Interested in hearing about founders' journey to product-market fit. In my experience, this can take a lot longer than initially expected. I've been working on Afino ( for about 7 months now and we are starting to get our product-market fit, generating organic sign-ups and recurring users. Share your story! Would love to hear how long it took (or has taken you so far if you're not there) and what metrics you used to determine you were there.


Stefan Manku
Hey James, From all I've seen, I think it's important to consider PMF as a 'subjective feeling' as opposed to a definitive destination. Products can drift in and out of it as both a) the product changes and develops and b) the needs of the market change.
James Quinn
Great insight! I've definitely felt this before with our product as we continue to make changes and review customer response to what we do.
Jacob Jacquet
In our case (resume software - - PMF was almost instant after we went viral on Reddit a month after launching. Granted, before launching the software, we existed as a non-tech service that had a passionate customer base. Here's a quick write-up I did scaling to our first 50k users organically -
Mark Mt
There are many conditions to be product-market fit. Be flexible and not afraid of competition. Of course, you need to develop your business online. I can advise the company, whose services I used These guys do everything. They customized software to your needs, providing business operations management tools and so on. They have great customer support!