How do you organize all the Startup ideas you have?

Bahaa Mahagne
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Mind Map
Others please comment


Felicitas Hilge
museumlover x startuplife @InfinityMaps
Uh, very curious to learn which tools others use
Heiko Haller
Cofounder Infinity Maps
Those, that I write down, I put in my big personal iMap, or now Infinity Maps. But frankly, I do not systematically manage business ideas, since I don't have time for most of them. And the good ones keep coming back to me anyway.
Fabian Maume
Founder of
I'm using google spreadsheet so I can easily sort idea based on the different scoring criterions.
Simon Barker
Learn to code @
I have a list in todoist that i add all my ideas to
Devon Ray
Fullstack Software Engineer
I use notion for taking down ideas, planning, research etc. Probably the most flexible tool for taking notes.
digital marketing company in India
I use Qinaps , it is a note taking platform which provides collaboration and kanban features along with many more. They also have the free starter plan, Try Qinaps and check the result yourself
Gleb Braverman
Founder, Speakezee
I have a dedicated section in the notes 😁
Bahaa Mahagne
Business Developer @InfinityMaps
@heikohaller can you tell us more about the iMap method?
Bahaa Mahagne
Business Developer @InfinityMaps
Joseph Abraham
Founder and CEO - SaaS Industry
@bahaa I use notion, then move my thinking process to Miro board and then share the miro board to a select few who help me narrow it further before I take it to the user-interview phase 🙌🏼