Do You Have The Right Support System In Place?

Bahaa Mahagne
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Speaking of which, how do your family and friends feel about you working on a startup and taking a big risk/gamble? Are they supportive of you in your decisions? Would they be interested and willing to invest some seed money?


Robin Lutz
I think as a software developer these days you don't need a safety net. Get a cloud certification and companies will compete for you. The salary should also be enough to pay of some "self financed pre seed money".
Simon Barker
@robin_lutz that might be the case in the US but in the UK and other parts of the world the salaries are much much lower sadly
Johannes Grenzemann
@robin_lutz @simon_barker1 yeah even for the us I would doubt that. (Maybe in valley). But in Germany its different, here an HR Manager has to master the 10 labours of heracles only to find a decent frontend developer… As a good cloud or full stack dev - you can ask literally for everything 🧞‍♂️
Johannes Grenzemann
I think also depends on the country where you are founding. In Germany ie you have the social system which provides a good safety net, so its almost unlogic not to try to start something… But yes having a partner/family and friends who support you (not only with money) is not mandatory but of huge value… Is everyone in my family happy that i take risks? Nope :) But after starting Startups for many years I think they somehow have accustomed to :)
Anton Ross
No one supports you financially. And in general, before the first profit, they did not believe in my business(