Why did you choose to be an Entrepreneur?

Bahaa Mahagne
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Being an entrepreneur is exhausting. From the significant financial risks to working incredibly long hours just to stay afloat as they build their business, who would actually choose that life for themselves?


Gleb Braverman
Opportunity to make the world a better place is the best motivator!
Bahaa Mahagne
@heikohaller @jgrenzemann what motivates you to be an Entrepreneur?
Johannes Grenzemann
@heikohaller @bahaa So first of all I love to build stuff and try out new things :) and thereby it is of course the most exciting when the products that arise from this help people or open up new possibilities...
Heiko Haller
As long as noone else turns my ideas into reality, I guess I'll have to do it myself. :-)
Robin Lutz
@bahaa If you already solved every problem that ever came your way, building an infinitely zooming web application sounds like a challenge. Or just get a child. Don't do both though ;-)
Jorge Galindo
"I want to change the world" could sound a little bit pompous, but the reality is I wanted to change the world I have around. "My" world, and the world of the people who surround me
Misha Krunic
Helping myself and others by creating solutions and new work places for other people.
Isaac Teye
addicted to convenience
Adrian Topka
I am just addicted to pushing myself every day, learning new things, solving the problems (there are too many ideas for them in my head and too little time), and for this daily stress which you have as a founder. (maybe it's little sick, but it works for me 🤷‍♂️)
Ian Foster
Passion for working with future tech
Jing Hu
I enjoy building things! From product, team, to process. Feeling accomplished something when people like the things I build :D
Simon Barker
I don't think I choose it, I think it choose me. I'm stuck in full time work at the moment but after 8 years running my own business I'm definitely a little broken when it comes to being motivated by something that isn't "Mine"
mahadeep Ray
Not yet an entrepreneur. But the motivators are Impact & Money.
To break from the monotony of 9 to 5 jobs
sab kanaujia
to make the world a better place. solving large unsolved problems is exciting. it involves innovating. building something new. if you can manage the stress and financial risk/reward profile of startups, I'd always encourage you to be an entrepreneur.