How did you get your first 10 B2B SaaS customers?

Bahaa Mahagne
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Conferences and Meetups
local Incubators
Online Communities
Cold Email outreach
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Misha Krunic
Most important clients have been reached by word of mouth, which is a great confidence boost (one important client recommends you to another important client).
Devon Ray
Fullstack Software Engineer
Hi Bahaa. Depending on the industry and the app type Id say just reach out to anyone you know or have worked with that will benefit from your product. Giving an introductory offer for your app is also a great way to get people to try it out.
Bilal Chaglani
Founder & CEO @ BotSpace
For earlier products we built, it was always through an outbound sales call or LinkedIn Outreach. But for the first time, we tried to go with Channel Partners like HubSpot and Shopify and it has worked wonders. Your goal for the first 10, should be to get customers that provide you feedback along with (obviously) money. With channel partners, you can get a greater influx of customers, out of which 25% will surely give you active feedback.
I am the author of EasySub
Everything is difficult at the beginning. I think as long as I stick to my plan, I insist on investing 5 hours a day to promote the product 1. Write high-quality blog posts 2. Insist on looking for high-quality external chains of products 3. Find all platforms where products can be listed 4. Take the trouble to obtain feedback from users and optimize the logic and problems of the product 5. Don't give up the above four points easily This is what I’m doing now, and it’s my own plan
Baran Gürcan
Innovation Enthusiast
We got our first 10 customer for inodash with the PH Launch.
Gleb Braverman
Founder, Speakezee
One of the companies (b2b SAAS) I've invested in recently got their first 10 paying customers. They all came from founder network.
Wael Khattar
Co-Founder of Anachron Technologies.
We got our first client through LinkedIn Content, they reached out to see what we're building and how we can help and we closed the deal rather quickly Our first 4 clients: 2 LinkedIn 2 Personal Connections