How do you deal with entrepreneurial loneliness?

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Most entrepreneurs, especially bootstrappers are working from home, alone, struggling with trying to get paying users, and not really knowing what to do... There are just too many variables... Any tips to deal with it?


Here are some of the tips that are working for me: **Take time to write down tasks** I find it useful to sit down at the beginning of the week and plan my days. This allows me to focus on the efficient tasks that actually bring me closer to my goals. **Go work in coffee places** It helps me to leave my house and actually be surrounded by other people. **Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs** Only other entrepreneurs will really understand what you are going through. A few months ago I started a virtual coworking space for bootstrappers and we are not more than 30 people working together on our own projects. Here is a link if you are interested in learning more:
Rick Turoczy
@tiagorbf I cannot like the "surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs" enough. It's an incredibly powerful way of finding support and community to help you manage the loneliness. Because you'll never be able to eliminate it. You just have to figure out how to manage it.
@turoczy I do think it is crucial. I have been learning a lot with my friends in the WBE space. It's a great motivation too!
Luca Restagno
@tiagorbf @turoczy I can't agree more on this Rick. Even if I'm running a side hustle, while still working with a team, I feel alone in this solopreneurial journey. I recently joined the Wanna Be Entrepreneur community and there's not a better choice I could have made. I found a lot of like-minded people to talk about my product, marketing, and so on.
I think the whole point is to get out of the house as soon as possible and take breaks otherwise you can quickly feel very lonely and misunderstood. Find acquaintances for lunch break and eat in the city for example, go to work in coworking spaces... and especially in the evening/weekend go out doing activities to see people, go out for a drink with friends. It looks like a boat but it feels good!
Great tips: @enola_vedovotto . I also know that I should really work on my life outside of my work but it is not easy...
Interesting question. What has helped me in the past: -Have a support system (friends or family that believe your abilities and your project) -Connect with like minded entrepreneurs, nobody will understand what you are going through better
@jennifer00 I totally agree with you. Since I started my entrepreneurs community ( I feel much better. Like being part of a team
Amin Jigari
Even if you’re struggling, like most of us are, you can show yourself, your team, and the rest of the world, “Yes, I’m navigating these challenges. Yes, I’m rebuilding from the devastating blow of Covid-19 and economic shutdown. Yes, you can get through this too.” MyPascoConnect
Frederick Sieber
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Rajat Dangi 🛠️
I am first hand dealing with all of it that you mentioned in the description. But here are a few things that are helping me deal with it. 1. Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs. Meet them once in a while. 2. Surround yourself with people who have no connection with your work and professional life. They remind you that there's more to life than anything that is bothering you. 3. Travel a little, once in a while. New experiences unlock new thoughts. 4. Stay in touch with your family. Visit them frequently. 5. Stay in touch with your friends. Calls, texts, parties. 6. Scheduling one-on-one calls with new people (once in a while). is a good place to start. 7. Remember that you are more than your work, you are more than your bank balance, you are more than all your highs and lows. Hope this helps you too :) Pro-tip: Play your favorite music and sing along. Follow your hobbies as well. For me, gardening, playing guitar, cooking, working out, helps.
@rajat_dangi1 this is pure gold. How do you meet other entrepreneurs?
Rajat Dangi 🛠️
@tiagorbf You can find them slowly while building your startup, through friends, co-working spaces, events, founder communities (incubators and accelerators), etc. It'd be difficult to stay in touch with a large number of entrepreneurs on a regular basis, one or two with whom you can be honest and open are enough.
David Babins
Food for thought, narrow down, social connections throughout the following locally too as you focus on particular niches and interests etc... :) ​97 best Entrepreneurship communities to join in 2022
@david_babins thank you for your feedback. I actually have my own community and it really helps:
Roman Vorozhtsov
The best Ways for me: Mentors, Team, Training
Rosie Sherry
Invest time into connecting with like-minded people. It's not easy, but having people to listen to your rants and frustrations is gold.
Raghed Goldstein
Thanks for sharing this questions as it helps others realize we all deal with these issues. Some things that have helped me is to realize that there are 100 things we can be doing, but we can only do ONE at a time. *Having a list of the task, how likely is it for this task to impact my business, and how hard it is to complete. then tackling the ones that will yield the most results and easiest to do will be a good place to start. I have learned that the more accomplished I feel, the less lonely I am. *I don't like to talk to family and friends about what I am doing, except for one friend who is also an entrepreneur, and having her to share, vent, and whine to has been extremely helpful. Being there for her too is rewarding and gives that sense of doing for others. * Take time off to enjoy with loved ones. Most important one for me. I used to feel guilty for doing that because it's time I could be spending on my work. But, taking time off to enjoy my family's company has been a game changer for me.
@raghed_goldstein thanks for sharing your ideas :) Having a list of tasks definitely helps. And totally agree being with family is crucial
Subash Chandra Bose A
In the past, I had to cope with it. * sometime it is important to take rest, we are indeed very ambitious and barely takes break or giving time for entertainment. * connect with others on community. Join Groups on facebook to connect with individuals who share your interests. * Seek assistance; don't be afraid to seek assistance or express doubts to a fellow entrepreneur. It assists you in discovering new ways to analyze and market your product to users. * Make a list of your ideas. Make an effort to put your doubts into words.
Graeme O’Connor
Getting an accountability partner could be a great idea. Have never done it myself but have certainly considered it. Basically it's another founder who you touch base with frequently to discuss progress and objectives (you act as a fake director for their company and vice versa). You do the weekly/daily drumbeats together and it gives the impression you're not working alone.
Mohsen Kamrani
The more I read this, the more I remember we all go through the same thing. Based on my experience it's the best to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs. And it's important to join a lively group packed with highly motivated people, and if you figure out a community is already dead or has very few active members leave it as soon as possible as it gives you the impression that that's how other entrepreneurs are and no new business is emerging, and much more negative thoughts. Trust me, out there is full of highly motivated people that never take no as an answer, they don't believe in the 90% of startups fail BS, and work their a$$ off to make sure they achieve their goals. Best of luck, and remember we all feel the same.
@m_kamrani do you mean cofounders?
Carsten Pleiser
I'd always do consulting work, working with clients etc while building the product as it gives you A) more or less stable income and B) less loneliness. - consulting gigs in any area are easy to find too. Hope this helps.
This topic is very nice. I appreciate it. I am a new entrepreneur and working on this site
There are really many discussion group forums worth joining and discussing. Many times, other people's gaze can be valuable.
Ben Cotte
I joined the Indiependent - A discord community run by @rosiesherry I created a small Discord server with a couple of friends who are makers.
Roy Oliver
A good starting point would be to adopt a pet, especially loving ones like labs.
Roy Oliver
@tiagorbf Agreed, having a pet is a responsibility, and needs some time to be dedicated in regards. That being said, the core reason for loneliness (if that is something we want to fix) is not being able to give time to anything else other than our professionals goals.
vivek dwivedi
man!! don't make me cry.I was in this phase for like 1 year. But now I am very happy and growing very fast ( at so never give up!! PS- my only learning, growth is the best motivation ( so if you are not having paid customers currently just measure your work so that growth can help you out)
Sydney Campos
I love this question. I make it a point to consciously create community with the kind of energies and intentions I want to amplify. Usually I do this thru my own business in courses and retreats and most recently thru a bigger development project… ASCEND Just launched 2-22-22 ❤️❤️👑👑 check us out and upvote if called! New social network - the one we wish existed, so we built it 🧬🧬