How can marketing contribute best to lead generation?

Sarah Jordi
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Classic means such as SEO, content production, website flow, free trial, and ads aside – what can marketing do to support the sales team with marketing-generated leads? I'm currently researching outreach campaigns that don't overlap with the e-mail outreach our sales team is doing (i.e. physical mail outreach). Has anyone had unexpected success with new marketing ideas that generate B2B leads?


Eugene Hauptmann
Direct mail is cool for B2C. But depends a lot on your segment.
Sarah Jordi
@eugenehp Thanks! Do you mean direct mail as in post? (Physical mail). I'm currently looking into that (just need to find a way to stand out). And email direct mail is done by our Sales team.
Eugene Hauptmann
@sarahxjo Here's a good example:
Tanoy Chowdhury
Free tools worked for me in the past. They're good for lead generation, however, the conversion rate is usually low.
Sarah Jordi
@tanoy27 thanks for sharing! Do you have any examples of such tools?
Tanoy Chowdhury
@sarahxjo Sure. In my last job, I worked on a free tool called SKU generator. It ranks at the top in the SERP, so the traffic is good. However, the sign-ups from this page are dismal. Here's the link to the tool:
You can try interactive content marketing! Quizzes, calculators, assessments are a powerhouse for lead generation!
Sarah Jordi
@roy_outgrow That's actually a really cool idea. Thanks! And then people have to leave their email address to participate.
Richard Anthony
Hi Sarah, It looks like you have established a successful lead gen pipeline using 'classic' tactics. Well played! My feeling is that, if things are working, there is more to be gained by resetting the marketing bias towards funnel optimization and incremental improvement in conversions rather than new stuff. This should include, and probably start with, analyzing your bottom of funnel conversion i.e. how your sales team processes a lead. It can be a slightly uncomfortable for a marketer to step into the sales team's realm, but in my experience there's usually considerable inefficiencies and opportunity to improve overall conversion. Detailed funnel analysis often stops at handover to a rep and this is a huge blind spot for marketing. Frustratingly, this last part of the funnel (the human part) usually has the biggest impact on success so having limited visibility on the behaviors and conversion levers of the sales team leaves a lot of uncertainty in the system. What you can't measure you can't understand!
Sarah Jordi
@richardbarker Thanks so much for that detailed feedback and elaboration, Richard. I definitely think you're right. And good point about this maybe being a bin uncomfortable for a marketer. I guess that's why I'm a bit hesitant. But it's something I should tackle. Thanks a lot!
Jason Grills
Here’s what I believe can work out when it comes to B2B lead generation. You can conduct webinars and introduce new offers to those attending your webinar events. It’s like giving out freebies that encourage your attendees to stick around for long. From there onwards, it is in the hand of your support and sales teams to improve the retention of such customers.
Emily Elizabeth
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Julie Thomas
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