How come some projects launch with 40+ votes already?

Sarah Jordi
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Hi all! 👋 We launched a new iteration of our product yesterday, right on time after midnight SF time. While using pages like Product Wars: as well as monitoring the front page, we noticed that some projects already start with dozens of upvotes one minute past launch. When looking through numbers of other days, you can sometimes see the same thing. So I'm curios: Is this due to very well-orchestrated outreach campaign or is there another reason some get sort of like a "head start"?


David J. Kim
I'm not 100% sure, as I also experienced this during our launch. It could be that they planned for the launch beforehand and reached out to their network. What we did was we had our staff use PH on their own for a bit & then upvoting us when we launched.
Sarah Jordi
@between_team That's probably it. It just seemed like a lot in some cases and only 1 minute after launch. Oh well. Better prepared than I was. :)))
Tsz Hoi Lee
Probably all the team and their closes frds? The real question is, does this "head start" works?
Sarah Jordi
@tszhoi_19 It kinda looks like it does. Although I've also seen projects lose upvotes throughout the day (the line on product wars suddenly drops – that also happened to us)
Jason Chen
There are many creators on Twitter that have thousands of followers. Every time they launch something, a simple and quick tweet drop will get them a pretty good headstart.