Would you add audio rooms to your website?

Sarah Jordi
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👉 We used to run a social audio app and pivoted last summer to B2B. We now help organizations add fully customized audio rooms to their own website or app. ✨ For our launch today, we're making the room creation and styling dashboard available for free to everyone on Product Hunt. You can find all of our launch information here on our launch page and access our room creation dashboard for free here: https://dashboard.angle.audio So, if you run a platform or company with an existing audience, feel free to test our audio rooms in our product and customize them to your brand and let us know how it works (or doesn't work) for you. Thanks for your feedback! :)


Alina Ihnatiuk
This is not necessary for my site. My site is selling educational materials. For discussion, can always write to me personally. But this is a very good idea for large business projects, for example. Where there are discussion rooms for investors, partners. It is convenient to use and not so time-consuming.
Looks like a great product - congrats on the launch
Crist Horton
As you would expect, with the sudden rise of audio social, ... as it already has its video Rooms feature that it added in May last year. AlaskasWorld PET
This is really interesting. The company I am currently (https://www.wasteremovalusa.com with we have used various ways to engage our online community through FB, IG, Twitter, but this post is giving me new ideas.
Vovwe Enyoyi
@kam_91 You should try (https://www.simplelive.co/) then for better engagement