What are some characteristics you have observed in high performers?

Sarah Jordi
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There are really good employees and team members and then there are true high performers. What are some traits, characteristics or eve ticks you have observed in high performing team members? Or even more specific: How do you spot one during an interview process?


Kanan Tandi
High performers for me are those who are not only very updated in their field about the latest development but also apply the same at their work.
Ilia Pikulev
From my observation, a high performer is not stopping when they see the problem in front of them - they just keep pushing until the goal is reached (or until they've tried everything they could to overcome the problem)
Abdul Qadir
One word - Ownership. I've always seen high performers have a high sense of ownership. They own their work and responsibilities. They will make sure what's committed gets done and gets done properly.
Sarah Jordi
@qadir5000 100% agree with you! Ownership and a very independent way of working and finding solutions to problems they encounter. Even when the solution is asking for help.
Isabel Nyo
High-performers are: - Resilient - Autonomous - Self-starting - Accountable However, something to remember is that a high-performer in one environment may not be a high-performer in another environment. For example, someone might be a high-performer at their full-time job but they are not a high-performer when it comes to personal finance. It all comes down to intrinsic values and motivation of a person.
Sarah Jordi
@eisabai "someone might be a high-performer at their full-time job but they are not a high-performer when it comes to personal finance.", that is such an important point. I never thought of it, but now that you said it, it feels so true!
Akarsh Jha
Passion - Most high performers are high-performers in a specific field just because they're passionate about that specific field. Being a high-performer in one field doesn't necessarily translate to being a high-performer in another field no matter how "intelligent" a person is simply because they don't have passion for that other field.
Matthias Strodtkoetter
Thinking of the high performers I have met over the years, two traits come to mind: 1) Great results out of principle I feel like the people who perform great overall have an intrinsic desire to achieve great results for the sake of achieving great results, because they identify as the kind of person that does that. You see it when they do things that might not have a huge impact or that weren't asked from them. Once they decide to do a thing, they do it well. Or when they see a thing they want to be better, they tackle it. 2) Positive and solution-obsessed They highest performers I met do talk about problems, but 9/10 when you hear from them, it's because they have DONE something about something. Or because they propose an idea or share an insight. And they do so with positivity. They stay in the office late because they want to solve this thing and then they grin and high-5 with you when they solved it.
Prabhat Sahu
High performers are curious hence they know a lot about things from other fields too and can connect the dots better, also they are autonomous.
Mahima Gupta
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