Golden Kitty Awards are officially open to community voting.

Sharath Kuruganty
13 replies
Pick your fav products from the below categories:
  1. WTF
  2. Work from anywhere
  3. Productivity
  4. No code
  5. Mobile app
  6. Audio & voice
Bonus points if you give a shoutout to voted products!


Michael Silber
Product Lead at Product Hunt
Also, you can RSVP here for the January 27th event!
David J. Kim
Co-Founder of Between
Haha the WTF category is definitely entertaining. Tough picks.
Tsz Hoi Lee
Maker of Jupitrr, Designer at Remotion
@between_team kinda useful huh? hahaha
ADHD person building @SigmaOS
Not gonna deny there might be low key a bias here my favourite category is Productivity and product from it is SigmaOS 😻
Hussain Effendi
Curious thinker, writer and cook!
Remote Jobs in MS Word..Hilarious and very handy!
Fawad Ahmed
Marketing Manager at Resemble AI
Super excited to see "GPT-3 Custom AI Voices" as a favourite in the Audio & Voice category 😁
Savian Boroanca
Launching Sessions 2.0 on December 7th
Hi there and hi @5harath, can you offer us more details about how the voting process works? If a product is visible today on a category, tomorrow it will be removed and others will feature? Or we will be able to vote until 15th for all the products we want to support? Thanks and godspeed to everyone! 🍀
Yoav Shalev
Humbled that JustFarts made the cut for WTF
Tsz Hoi Lee
Maker of Jupitrr, Designer at Remotion
OMG, Jupitrr is on it?! Thanks for all the love Product Hunt!
Fajar Siddiq
Serial Entrepreneur, Singapore
Ah! ;) my fav one is WTF category. HAHA! vote this FUNNY extension "F*ckOff" f if you watch youtube!
Omg just saw FreezingCam was in the WTF category. Definitely my favorite category!
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
Products. Security. Privacy. Ethics.
I voted. Got confused by the WTF category thinking this is the shortlist of the year!
Rucha Joshi
Product Design + Research
Really exciting time at Product hunt right now! Favourite categories 1. WTF 😂 2. Work from anywhere 🏝