Describe your startup in 5 words!

Julia Doronina
37 replies
Imagine that you have only 5 words, use them to describe your project (articles and conjunctions are not considered).


Julia Doronina
Let me start: LeaksID protects documents with anti-leak marks. What about your variants? 😏
Johannes Grenzemann
Knowledge, intuitively structured, deeply nested ;)
Akash Bhadange
Your most meaningful work profile!
Akash Bhadange
@deepak09 Definitely not. Peerlist is highly focused on your profile!
Xavier Coiffard
Marketing 4 Makers community →
Pablo Fatas
mmmmmm Browser go fast 🤤 mmmmm and emojis are words right?😂
Renzo Brus 💻⚡
Smart Legal Contracts management platform 🚀
Preeti Chovoor
Fun, Educating, Finances, Engaging, and Competitive
Deepak Kumar Prabakaran
@preeti_chovoor Finance and Fun go together? How does that happen. :D Curious to know.
Preeti Chovoor
@deepak09 Haha it can! You can find out in my upcoming product!
Pierre Kraus
Own your personal data using email!
Digital, Customers, Integrity, Information & Results
Ralf Roeber eases manual testing. (4 words :-) )
Alex Lashkov Boost skills while writing
Rish A
Enabling makers to create better content 🚀
Interest-based networking made simpler & effective.
Deepak Kumar Prabakaran
Build your community using :)
Uku Kudu
Time manager for solo workers
Omkar Birje
Morning brew alternative for indiehackers -
Misha Krunic
Here's mine: BotMeNot measures website's bot-protection. If you want to know more than these 5 words please visit Cheers!