Best way/tool/platform to chat with other marketers?

Alexandra Cote
4 replies
Hey everyone, These days I've been leveraging my network and some industry groups to schedule some marketing/career chats with other marketers and just bounce off ideas. Curious how you've approached networking in the past and what you'd recommend to meet up with more people. Specifically, I can't find anything programs/communities to support these meetups. Thanks! I love talking to people so the dozens of chats I've scheduled won't be enough.


Adi Bhatnagar
That's great! There are some amazing communities as well as platforms which definitely can help - - Lunchclub - Indie Worldwide - RevGenius
Valeria Migova
Hey, I’d recommend Weje as a good tool for teamwork. I'm not sure about the chat, but it's really convenient for collaborations :)
Nikita Dutta
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