What methods do you use to differentiate your product?

Alexandra Cote
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Methods, tools, research, anything. Examples: - new features - messaging - positioning - etc.


Devin Pickell
Customer support is a huge one, especially if you market toward SMBs. That personalized support or 1:1 coaching can make a world's difference. You don't get that out of larger organizations.
Offer unbeatable customer service. ... Lean into your niche. ... Add a personal touch. ... Use price as a distinguishing factor. ... Give your customers options to customize your products. ... Be socially responsible. ... Use speed to your advantage. ToysRUs Credit Card
Nicolas Mérouze
I start by research the product category (or possible categories sometimes) and understand the market. Then I analyze each competitor: customer reviews, social listening, landing pages, customer stories. It gives me a general idea of the customer journeys for each competitor as well as their positioning and messaging. After this, I start doing customer research for the product I'm in charge of differentiating with surveys, interviews, and the same things I do for the competitors. As I analyze my research, I start to come up with gaps in the category and when I'm done I usually have enough insights to find key differentiators.
Ruben Lozano
Hello @alexandracote Execution and hands-on tasks in my personal case. I am a freelancer and what I offer as a product is to execute tasks and not strategy or ideas. I leave that for the Head of Growth or Head of Marketing. Cheers,