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Network from home! Register with your background, interests, and goals. Each week, sign up to make new connections. Lunchclub's AI directly matches you 1:1 with relevant people. Connect with your matches by video, join curated events, and advance your career.
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102 Reviews4.9/5
We first launched a beta of Lunchclub at SXSW 2018 and it's been an amazing ride since then to see our users across a growing number of cities make meaningful connections! We have now switched Lunchclub over to video and are opening it up to all Product Hunt users. You can now network from home and meet virtually with like-minded folks locally or around the world. We are looking forward to ya'll trying it out and would love to hear feedback and questions.
@vnovakovski and team: Well executed product. Focused; actively listening to user feedback; quick iterations. Using it for over a year. Delightful experience!
@vnovakovski @ashwinl I left very similar feedback and completely agree!
@vnovakovski and team @lunchclub: Congratulations on building a product that is a perfect fit for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The in-person meetings were great, the virtual is even better. Above all, the great network of people you have on the platform makes every experience a delight.
@vnovakovski Love the product and the community you're building! Can't wait to keep watching the traction and network growth
@vnovakovski I can't believe I was one of the first beta testers for this product. I'm inspired by how far you've come!
Met a surprisingly high quality number of people via Lunchclub, I’m around 14 so far. Fantastic way to grow network with investing only an hour a week.
@orengreen same here! I've been really impressed with the quality of the conversations and folks I've met on LC! It's easily been one my highlights of Covid times.
Been using lunchclub for several months now and have had so many unique experiences. Let directly to some new friends who I talk to regularly, new business opportunities that have already materialized into results, great introductions to mentors, and more! I love the video chat option even more as it makes meeting new people so convenient. I even met @scottwu through it and got in a game of chess 😀 can’t wait to see what more comes of it!
@scottwu @sydney_liu_sl Who won?? I haven't worked up the courage to challenge him yet
@scottwu @sydney_liu_sl Have yet to beat Scott in a single game of chess :(
Brilliant app for meeting new people in your industry. Look forward to seeing how it develops further!
Lunch club is amazing. I moved to 2new cities in 2019 and as well as helping me grow my network, I met really cool, interesting people which helped me in my startup journey. Can not recommend it enough