What are some great examples of companies mixing product marketing with their content efforts?

Alexandra Cote
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I've been a big fan of tying every piece to your product. To a certain extent that makes sense, of course. Some brands getting this right include: • Slack - building complete guides with tips on using the tool and its various integrations • Unbounce - creating all examples with your product [or referencing your offer, industry, and services within the screenshots and examples] • Typeform - providing tips on how people can use your tool but make sure they apply to the general product as well • Smartsheet - providing helpful templates while keeping readers with your brand To get a better overview of what other brands are doing, you can get the edition fresh in your inbox by subscribing to my growth experiments newsletter. Let me know if you need a link! Would love to hear some other blog or resource examples you have in mind.


Eithiriel DeMeré
Hi Alexandra! I would also add Appcues, Amplitude, Hotjar, Intercom, Invision, Notion, Segment, and Vervoe...just to name a few.
Alexandra Cote
@nikkielizdemere Yas! forgot about Notion, they're not that strong on SEO as far as I remember, thoughts?
Eithiriel DeMeré
@alexandracote Not sure! 🤔 I don't have any insights into their SEO efforts, but as a Product Marketer, I view keyword research as just one aspect of qualitative data to be gathered for market research, and SEO as falling under Inbound Marketing, with search engines being part of a channel strategy.
Fabian Maume
Ahrefs would be the first product coming to my mind on this topic. Zapier is also really interesting, as they hijack names of other tools with their content.
Debajit Sarkar
Microsoft and Zoom. Both these two companies will provide elaborate guides, tips on how to install their software and integrate third party software with theirs. Take the Microsoft PC Health Check app for instance. It educates users about the benefit of Windows 11 and also guides them to figure out if their system meets the minimum requirements for installing Windows 11.