Ask for a hunter or hunt by yourself?

Max Russell
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My product’s just been launched today and only now, I have time to share my experience for this launching with you. --------------- 1. How did I prepare for the launch? Actually, there’re lots of tasks to do before the launching day and I have to admit that I hadn’t prepared for it well enough. I wrote down a checklist of Hunters and only reached them in 3 days before the launch. And probably, that’s why some of them couldn’t read my messages and some did not have time to support me. A little disappointed as I still think it’s better to have a Hunter shoutout to my product. Definitely, I will improve my pitching skill the next time. --------------- 2. How did I reach the first 100 upvotes? I asked all of my connections on Twitter, Slack, and Facebook to support me on this! I’d suggest you prepare the list in advance so that once you launch, all you need to do is implementing what you’ve planned and listed (if you're interested, please ping me via Twitter & I'll send you the list) This is a bit time-consuming but worked for me so you can totally test it out. --------------- 3. Hunt by yourself or ask for a hunter? Well, I hunted by myself. As I mentioned in question 1, I think it’s better to have a top hunter posting my product. Can’t deny that the influence of a hunter on your product is quite good. So, if you plan to have a hunter: + Find a hunter that relates to your niche + Check their previous hunted products to see if they’ve received positive results or not. + Make a list and reach them at least 2-3 weeks in advance (I think Twitter is a great place to reach) But what if you also can’t find one like myself? Don’t worry! As long as you’re confident with your product, you can totally post it yourself! --------------- And it would be great if you can check our new launch - Flowio out and tell me what you think. Thanks for reading!


Belle Niki
thanks for sharing! This is really helpful
Julia Doronina
Thank you for sharing! Congratulations on the launch!
Thanks for sharing your experience Max - really appreciated
Sara Gifford
Thanks for sharing this, we are preparing to launch our product here and these tips are helpful!
Margarita Shvetsova
Hi Max! It's funny, I've just created a thread where I share my experience of hunting our product: You know, I didn't receive any reply from hunters 3 WEEKS prior to the launch and gave up. 3 days is too short time, it should be like 2 months ahead of the launch. But hunting by yourself is not too bad if you have a support crowd :) we ended up as #4 of the day. I wish you good luck with your launch! Will go check out your product soon :)
Max Russell
@margarita_s88 oh, so I guess I'll edit the post a bit. Because we did reach the hunter 3 days prior to our launch and received the response from them just after 3-4 hours. Maybe I'm a bit lucky lol. However, the hunter had some pending requests on that day, then we hunted ourselves. And our Flowio launched on Wednesday! Thanks so much for your sharing!!!
Tamas Zelczer
Thanks for sharing. I wonder if 1 week is really enough to get positive response from a top hunter but I guess I'll find out soon :)
Max Russell
@tamas_ I just edited the post!!! We did reach 3 days in prior and accepted to be posted within 3 days after reaching. Maybe we're a bit lucky on this but yes, this period should be extended more!! Thanks for your advice!
Atul Ghorpade
Thanks a lot for sharing. Useful tips to implement.