How do you gain leads for your product? And which do you think is the best way ever?

Max Russell
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A product can't be grown itself without customers. So, to have more customers, we'll have to find out a way to gain even more leads - people who are interested in our product. How do you guys do that?


Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! Advertising Content creation daily Communication Reaction to all interactions in accounts, on sites Newsletters This is an example of how I am engaging an audience through online social media marketing. For each business, you can find your own alternative. But the best thing that works for everyone is ADVERTISING :)
Max Russell
@antonovna haha true, if we want to gain leads fast then advertising is a great way to do so!
Sharath Kuruganty
The most effective I have experienced to get attention is by building your product in public. I highly encourage you to do it. BIP is less about selling and more about narrating your story. And people buy stories.
Max Russell
@5harath yeah thank you! Actually, I'm doing this and yes, it's really helpful in building connections and letting people get to know the product.