Top 3 skills you must have in 2022

Max Russell
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Hey guys, as the more we'll work on upgrading our skills, the more we'll navigate ourselves easily in the market! Since it's almost the end of August, did you have any plans for your next learning?


Max Russell
To start it off, here's what I'm more than eager to learn: 1. Learn to build connections 2. Do marketing that isn't annoying 3. Design graphics / make videos
Ruben Wolff
1. Good communication skills are primordial to be visible 2. Connection-building 3. Knowledge of SEO is appreciated
Max Russell
@rubenwolff super cool plan Ruben!!! You'll make it! Btw, as for the connection-building part, how do you plan to do it? That's also what I really want to do.
Ruben Wolff
@themaxrussell reaching out even more to potential collaboration, through social media (LinkedIn in particular), or through my already existing connection circle :)
David J. Kim
1. How to build something that people want. 1.1 Or alternatively, how to head towards that direction. 2. Sales/Communication skills. 3. As much knowledge you can get about devops. You don't have to be fully technical, but the more you understand the dev side of things the better.
Junior Owolabi
StoryTelling, if you don't have this skill, your startup won't get enough customers to be sustainable. the story tells the market you know their most pressing problem and you are dedicated to solving it
Between Sept - November boosting No Code skills in the following areas: 1. Notion i.e Formulas 2. Automation within the workspace e.g. integromat, zapier etc. 3. Webflow skillz as will be building my website.