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Max Russell
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My team and I are developing an app for eCommerce businesses to manage their audience and automate marketing campaigns (this will be very helpful for the upcoming Black Friday event). We believe this app will help people boost sales without increase their workload. The app is called Flowio and will soon be available on Shopify App Store (around 2 weeks waiting, but don't worry, the app won't let you be disappointed). Follow our upcoming page at: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...


Julia Doronina
My team and I are making a converter that helps to add invisible anti-leak marks on the documents to protect them, if somebody decides to leak that document and publish it on the open sources, LeaksID will help you to make an investigation and determine the leaker. Our app is already available via leaksid.com with a special free tariff plan with access to all functionality, especially for PH Launch. Our Upcoming page: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... I will appreciate your feedback!
Max Russell
@julia_demyanchuk hey Julia, love your idea. Just followed to be the earliest trying your app!
Julia Doronina
@themaxrussell We finally launched today! https://www.producthunt.com/post... I will appreciate your support!
Julia Harmon
yeah, we are thinking about a landing page builder tool, just need to do more research now so will share with you guys ASAP!!!! Btw, your product is kinda cool! Keep up the good work!
Misha Krunic
Hey, Max! I'm currently working on a bot-protection score service. My idea for it is to give the users a certain rating, a description of vulnerabilities and strengths, and maybe even recommendations for further steps. It's been in the workings for quite some time now and I'm expecting to release it before the end of the year. Currently, I need beta users to get some meaningful and precise feedback regarding its functionality. If you're interested it's called BotMeNot and you can apply for beta testing on https://botmenot.com/beta-users-... I think that your app looks promising and that it can even help developers who don't have that much time for marketing activities. Cheers!
Derek Duban
My project is available now to beta-testers, but I still think it needs polish with respect to how I explain it, the business angle, pitch, etc. It's called Canvas Language and it's a universal animation tool for the web. https://canvaslanguage.com/ The magic comes from the portability and editability of the code. If you see an animation you like on page X, then you can simply copy and edit it to put in on page Y. For the WordPress plugin, you get animations this way via templates that I (or other creators) will provide.
Chris Ashby
Nice thread idea, nice to see so many great ideas out here! I've been working on my newsletter idea as a lead generator first and foremost (https://www.dailydesign.coffee/), and then working on the website and business development for my main product, due to launch on Product Hunt later this month - a design subscription service with a strategic edge, specifically aimed at growing startups and entrepreneurs - called We Are Heroes (https://weareheroes.digital/) This week I've been working a lot on writing, outreach, generating newsletter signups, client work, and planning for my launches on Product Hunt! Any feedback is more than welcome 💪
Oliver Kraftman
@chrisashby the We Are Heroes page is v beautiful. I would say the copy near the top doesn't make it clear enough what the difference is between you and an agency - hope this helps. Good luck!!
Chris Ashby
@oliver_kraftman Thanks! Great advice, thanks for the feedback. I'll have a look at this and improve it
Oliver Kraftman
Nice thread. Good luck all! I'm building a platform for leaders to engage in-depth with the public, away from the chaos of social media, and give us more access to learn from/scrutinise them... no hiding behind soundbites. Our landing page is at https://collate.org
Hey Max and PH! Love the look of Flowio! We're building Product HQ - Product HQ is a Notion dashboard to help you ideate, source and order your next product. This is for builders, innovators and entrepreneurs! Product HQ can be used anywhere across the product lifecycle, whether that is a new line of merch, a side project, or your next Kickstarter campaign. Currently, live on PH! Would love to hear any feedback! Any support is greatly appreciated!