What was your first product?

Andrew Tye
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Today I launched #32 on PH and was thinking back to the first software product I made. It was a simple .exe popup I sent to a few friends...they had to type 'Andrew is awesome' before it would go away 🤣 I was so pleased...


Andrew Quan
A chat server and client all in one during college days, before social networks and internet were a thing. The college network admins found it difficult to get rid of off their network as everyone would be joining everyone, forming a mesh network. I was so proud to be part of the campus's increased "productivity levels", who knows, I could have been part of several couples meeting each other and having future kids now 😄
Raja Simon
My first one is Notice Hire where HR hunt people who serving in notice period. I'm on the pause mode now but I'm recharging myself to launch series of products. But recently I've started my personal domain and things are going well like I've enabled Adsense and getting decent users ( 1$/ Month ). I wanted to start multiple content blog to see if that generating revenue. My coding skills are okay but I'm lacking the idea skills and validation so hence that pause.
John Mirochnik
My first PH launched product is Company 360 (for iOS): Stock research and valuation for ‘Robinhood’ style app users with access to only bare-bones trading and no research.
Hussein Yahfoufi
DiamPrice, an iOS app that helps you calculate the price of diamonds. I made it for my father to use in his business and eventually launched it on the App Store. I wish I knew back then what I knew now because I would have been able to do a lot more with it!
Alex Jost
Back early days of facebook: A facebook toolbar for Firefox. Showing you your facebook header with new messages & requests no matter where you were surfing the web.
Hunter Peress
Did the legal department approach you? (Badge of honor ;-) )
Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
Mine was a CGPA and GPA prediction and calculation app I made for my college. It was on windows Phone so dead with the phone itself. Lol..
Zachary Blender
My friend’s summer job at a real estate agency in ~2012 was to manually input the prices of apartments and homes into a spreadsheet so that the company knew how to price their units.... so I built a Craigslist scraper utility which automated the process to sell to the real estate company. I tried to license it to the company, but they refused to pay a yearly fee and countered with a lowball (like $100 to own the code) so I put it away and now it gathers dust on a usb drive 😝
Jiani Li
Booka - Minimal Booklist, it's an iOS App launched 5 years ago. That was when I learned Swift and UI design by myself. It went through several redesign and ends up get 30k downloads til today 😌.
Andrew Tye
@jianilii from teaching yourself code to 30,000 downloads is very impressive!! sounds like a cool app also.
Thomas Lane
My first product was a simple game made in python where you control a character. Pizzas and broccoli are flying at you and you have to get the pizza and avoid the broccoli. As you get more and more pizza your character gets fatter and fatter. Once you ate enough pizza, the simple stick figure character was replaced by a picture of my older brother (who had gained weight recently). My family got a big kick out of it! Seeing the enjoyment my family got out of my game made me want to continue making games. Now I just released a game that people other than just my family would enjoy. Phrenemies! - https://phrenemies.com
Andrew Tye
@thethomaslane that's so cool... but was your brother mad?!
Hunter Peress
@thethomaslane seems I need to coordinate with someone to phrenemize? Can you send me your code?
Ronan Wall
I assumed that everyone had the same first product. A HTML web page with neon flashing text and a dancing Jesus... No? Just me then
Tommi Urtti
Haha, sounds awesome bud.
Anuj Gupta
My first project was a clone of the website Evernote to take notes.
Tinh Nguyen
It's https://www.lapa.ninja/ - Landing pages design inspiration :D
Hunter Peress
@nguyendangtinh Visually a bit cluttered. Can you iterate?
Vikram Sahu ꩜
Since I am not that old to PH and I have released only 2 product So I remember both... 😛 ("Email blocklist checker" and Grade My Email (https://www.producthunt.com/post...)) but the fun fact I explore more here and love to see the idea merged with technology.
Nathan Lively
It was a single player pong. It had gravity and would speed up with time.
Eric Bae
My first product was a prayer social network for my Christian friends to share & vote on prayer topics. Had no idea how to do web development and was learning and making at the same time. Little did I know that there are people on the Internet looking for web vulnerabilities who found a way to SQL-inject my entire database and nuke all users' passwords so I had to shut it down and focus back on my school work. :) I learned many things from that experience.
Danielle Diamond
Today was my first launch on PH: Topia. It's a virtual world-building app with built in encrypted video chat. Let me know what you think :)
Dibya Sahoo
My first product was @pepi_post. It's a cloud-based email delivery platform. And, yesterday I released my last product for 2020- GradeMyEmail
Viswanath Vtz
Heyform : The Paperless solution for all industrial needs https://www.producthunt.com/post... Our team was working for the last 3 months on a product that brings a new user experience while effectively collecting data through online forms. We made Heyform because we needed a solution for collecting data with better data insights. We have designed this in such a way that even the newbies to coding, who don't even know to write a "hello world" program in any programming language could use it. This is just a platform to start your data collection journey by creating elegant online forms within just a couple of clicks. Be that coolest guy to grab the first experience of HeyForm and check it out at https://heyformhq.com/
Excell Packs
Excell Packs first Product is Industrial Packing Machine