Who is doing YC for makers?

Andrew Tye
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It seems like someone would be giving a high number of makers a living wage to make things for 3/6/12 months. So much could come from giving people a chance to build and experiment without restriction.


I feel like there are lots of incubators and accelerators now, particularly in the UK and US where I'm based. Entrepreneur First for example. There probably isn't huge incentive for venture funding to go into indie makers/bootstrappers given their different expectations around speed and scaling, by nature I feel programmes with a stipend will have to be quite selective. Interesting to see things like On Deck Fellowship and Pioneer programme, too. They don't provide funding to the cohort AFAIK but give added community benefits like talks and events.
Andrew Tye
@abadesi I have heard great things about Entrepreneur First! And that makes sense about incentives...it would be hard to implement something that worked...incentives would need to be creative
Francesco 🍫
I'm thinking of starting a Maker House in my town. Basically you can live there without paying rent but you have to code and share revenue of what you make.