What is your favorite way to start a new habit?

Andrew Tye
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Could be an app, or a friend group. or some other hack... Full disclosure: I'm currently testing out some ways to form habits together in a social way so looking for a feedback from everyone I can 😀


I remember reading how habits are formed through the (1) cue (2) routine (3) reward. So for me its about creating new routines and rewards for every cue e.g. "I'm hungry but my next meal is some time away". An old routine would be - get whatever is accessible, reward is instant gratification. To be healthier instead my routine would be - find something that is not processed e.g. fruit or nuts and the reward would be I'm fuller for longer/not victim to sugar highs and falls.
Andrew Tye
@abadesi that makes a lot of sense...really like the concept of developing a new routine. thanks for sharing!
Ryan Hoover
Love this question. For me it's useful to attach the new habit to an existing one. Example: A while ago I wanted to start taking vitamins daily, so I put them next to my apartment keys in the kitchen and left the lid off. The jar of vitamins are the trigger and removing the cap made it easier to take. BJ Fogg's Behavior Model visualizes this dynamic well:
Andrew Tye
@rrhoover that makes a lot of sense...love the thought of attaching it to something you already do. ...also like removing the friction and making it super easy
Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar
@rrhoover This is what I do too! I probably picked up parts of this technique from 'The Power of Habit'. Completed 183 days of meditation today(headspace) + 45 days of health routine. I can't believe it myself.
Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar
@rrhoover @awt Removing friction is extremely important. Frictions in my case were very rarely external. I wish I could figure out a way of noting and identifying internal frictions earlier. But journaling and therapy have helped me identify + sort those out. As soon as that happens, building habits becomes so much more easier!