How to track the traffic source of each signup?

Dibya Prakash Sahoo
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Google Analytics doesn't allow associating the traffic source and user behaviour to a specific email address or with some system defined Lead ID. So, no way to drill down the report at each user level. Example; Do you know from where came on your website? The exact Referral URL or source? How are you solving this attribution problem?


Fabian Maume
If you setup proper conversion goals in GA you can analysed the traffic source of the conversion goal. You can also push user id to GA, if you really want to see specific user there.
Dibya Sahoo
@fabian_maume I tried passing the UserID to GA. But there is no way, by which we can see the actual UserID passed on Goggle Analytics. P.S> I m referring to new Google Analytics 4, in older versions they were showing this in the report. As per Google support, because of Data Laws, they have now stopped showing this in newer GA versions. Here's what they replied:
With the current privacy laws, I am not sure whether you can get such data from GA. You may have to custom build some code in order to get this.
Lior Barak
For website you can use TMS source so you know where the user comes from, then you can set events that will be associated with the user you won't be able to see it on the user level, however if you install a solution which is first-party tracking tool it will be possible
Alejandro Cantarero
We use a few tools to get attribution for sign-ups. Whether you can use them cost effectively will depend on your total web traffic. Most depend on that you've properly tagged all your incoming traffic with UTM parameters. 1. For small numbers of conversions you can manually look them up in Google Analytics. Acquisition Channels and add a secondary dimension of "Hour of Day". And you can match the signup to the channel. 2. That of course doesn't scale well. We use Heap as our general product analytics tool. If you tag your users in Heap with their email address or username, it is very easy to filter and see the UTM parameters of their referral if they came from an add or their referral source if they came from another website. 3. We also use FullStory for screen recordings of user sessions. It often captures the acquisition method as well if it was from an ad or referral traffic. Both heap and fullstory allow you to add identity information to users (unlike GA).