What defines the success of your product on Product Hunt?

Dibya Prakash Sahoo
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Getting X number of leads
Expanding the brand visibility
Getting feedback for my product
Something else.... Happy to hear your comments.


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At the very least, "validating an idea, or a way of communicating it."
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@dolapay Isn't that ideally should be the first? 🙂
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I think getting feedback on product is the best way to get confirmation, that people are using the product and sharing what exactly a customer is expecting! which will automatically drive the first two points.
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Don't think in constants. The three listed are all good signs.
Simplifying marketing for the next-gen
@ethan_zoller Agree. But, point 2 (branding) is always difficult to measure and convince internally to stakeholders. Would love to hear, how to deal with that situation?