FullStory is captures your site visitors' browsing behavior, useful for anyone that wants to better understand their users and how they use your product.

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When you're building a new products, user feedback is critical. You can gather feedback in a variety of ways, through in-person customer development interviews, surveys, and by simply looking at the data. I'm particularly fond of doing user testing (UserTesting is an awesome tool for this) although its only a "simulation" of what your users are actually doing.

FullStory captures a screen recording of your site visitor's actions and behavior within (cue Steve Irwin impression) their natural environment. We've used it many times at Product Hunt to better understand how people are using new or beta features we're building. It's 👍🏼.


A "super power" for user research


Often the video stream remains static when the user opens a new tab, pauses

If their was a way to hook this into mobile iOS or Android I'd jump on it in a second. Seriously.
@aj_mihalic yeah! I keep hoping, thinking they'll do that. But native code is so much trickier than html to 'record'.
killer app $199 a month to start is pricey should be a deal for startups
Impressive -- ProductHunt has been driving a decent percentage of our site traffic today. Please come on over and sign up if you're interested!
@jgw Your product's literally saved us hours of work a day to find problems. Thanks for making it awesome :)
Should also check out @Heap, @fullstory, You guys could make magic if you teamed up.