Do you love WhatsApp?

Dibya Prakash Sahoo
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I've always gotten a mixed review around the usage of WhatsApp. For some, it's very helpful and part of their daily life, but for many others, it's annoying. What is your opinion and why?


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I think it's really helpful personally!
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WhatsApp solved a key problem - SMS over data and became sticky. Mobile internet access grew rapidly, positioning WhatsApp extremely well. If you have your friends and family across various continents it’s become an essential communication tool. Now to your question - it’s very useful but it does have a lot of spam and misinformation given how easy it is to share and forward. Facebook’s recent move put the app and privacy front and center. But given the 2B users on the platform, it’s here to stay.
Yes and no. Yes because it solves the problem of high SMS and Media transfer costs. No, because it is owned by Facebook so I can safely assume that my data is used for something that I won't necessarily appreciate.
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No, huge Privacy issues. Stay away from it!
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It's very useful but I do have an issue with the privacy issues. Recently moved to Telegram and Signal and I must say I am loving the new experience.
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Agree with the others mentioning privacy concerns. I avoid it. This graphic was a good summary of data collection and various messenger apps.
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@alejandro_cantarero1 +1 and Thanks for sharing. very clear demonstration 👍
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The fact that facebook owns it makes me like it less
Yes, I love WhatsApp. It's the most convenient for me to use. I also use mods from SoftGoza . They make my WhatsApp much more useful. I can share my geolocation, use the dark theme. I am also more protected from hacking and banning.
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