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Fletcher Richman
CEO, Halp: Slack-first ticketing
I'm surprised that this doesn't get more attention. Since implementing it, I've been blown away by the flexibility and insight we've been able to get from this tool. Never have to write a single javascript event handler, and everything is tracked, even when new features are released. It does it using the unique identifiers based on css/html.
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I remember reading about this in mid-2013 (http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/15...). Impressive tech but I haven't dug into it myself. cc @eric_seufert
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Kevin Li
Co-Founder at Farmstead
i think @blader uses this?
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Derek Shanahan
VP Growth @ ExerAI.
Yeah, I have to say I've tried to use Heap more than once but it's never stuck, as I have this ambient perception that it needs some real attention to configure. Maybe I'm wrong. I like the concept a lot.
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Robert Shedd
Co-Founder & CTO at RenoFi
I get the pain that Heap is solving. With my last startup, we had to push code to track new metrics. Great approach to just capture everything and figure out how you want to measure things as you go and learn more. One thing I'd love to know more about - as your product evolves, how they handle mapping one event to another (i.e. if you change how something is implemented, but fundamentally it's the same action).