Any simple mobile app for project management?

Kanan Tandi
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Dear hunters, I am working on a new start up and have a couple of interns from school. As of now, we are brainstorming about various ideas. Can you guys suggest me an App which is as simple as discord or slack where one can manage different projects idea ? Kanan


Raunaq Vaisoha
My stack is Milanote for Ideation and Asana for Tasks. I also schedule important tasks in Google Calendar, so that everyone is aware of the timeline.
IMHO you need to discover a way-of-working, or managing that project, before picking a tool. If you do pick a tool first, then what method does it lend itself well to for project management? Otherwise all tools are just fancy UIs and can cause friction if used improperly or for something they were not designed for.
Tatiana Kukova, PhD
Hi Kanan, I can see that you have lots of recommendations. I would also suggest browsing Project Management Software at Capterra. Simply go to Capterra and on the right-hand side choose Project Management Software. Capterra is a huge directory of business software.
Kanan Tandi
@kukova_tatiana Thanks a lot for the response. I have heard of Capterra, but never really used it. Will give that a try too.
Harri Arain
Not sure about Mobile but Staff Timer App is best for computer project management app.
David Miller
Hi Kanan, I think you should check out ProProfs Project. They have a mobile web-based application 👉 to seamlessly manage project ideas and track progress from a single dashboard. I have been using the tool for a couple of years to plan and manage projects on the go. The good part is that I can easily communicate and share task files in real-time using this tool. They offer a free trial so you can give it a try.