How do I connect to people on Angellist?

Kanan Tandi
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I want to connect to people on Angel List, but don't really know on how to start? Can anyone guide me through that? The main purpose is to grow my network and connect with the right investor.


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Angel list has a feature to send contact request, but I never tested it. I have on my to do list to make a Phantombuster script to automate contact request there & test it out. If you are working at low scale you can match Angel list profile to linkedin and do the outreach on linkedin.
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@fabian_maume Thanks a lot. That was helpful, as I am active on LinkedIn.
I have sent multiple contact request out of which around 20% got accepted - the secret is to have a killer message. You need to keep it short in a way that you introduce yourself, give a reason for the contact request and what is to gain for them if they accept it. Updating your profile also improves your acceptance rate