Has anyone else found him/herself stuck in chicken egg story? No Funding- No Team- No Funding

Kanan Tandi
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How to get out of this? What worked for you? Please help.


Kanan Tandi
@michel_gagnon1 We have the core engine which can be used at several places. We have a paid client for one of the use cases. We are into Emotion Detection Market.
Michel Gagnon
@kanan_tandi Congrats! You're already ahead of many startups out there. What's preventing you from getting more paid clients?
Karen Middleton
No, I ain't got stuck in chicken egg story. And I also don't know much about this otherwise I will surely help you. I am the owner of the poultry farm and I am looking for a site online in which I can find the best chicken feeders. I have recently started this business and because of this, I don't know where I can find about it.