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It's our launch day! πŸš€ We're on a mission to use AI to improve how people communicate. We designed Notion to solve communications overload and help you build stronger relationship. I’m here to answer any questions. πŸ’Œ
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@guysuter Looks great! What are the AI-powered features? From what I see, it's mainly about finding more information on your contacts? Is it also the way e-mails are being displayed?
@guysuter Hi Guy, the app looks pretty sleek and fun to use. Can you please tell me what is the difference between Notion and Google Inbox, or basically why should I change my very convenience Google Inbox experience to Notion?
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@guysuter I've just installed Notion and it works very smart, thanks!
@tomolivier Thanks! The main thing on the Mail tab is that Notion understands what's important to you and helps you focus on what matters / clean up the rest. Radar takes this further by picking out things (using NLP and intent analysis) that need responses (from you or others you sent to). Those things are shown based on your typical response time with that individual person. How cool is that!? :) In the People tab, you'll find loads of rich data like responsiveness, connection strength, and introduction mapping that is all special to Notion. We hope you love it. Lots more to come!
@rotemthegolfer Hi! See reply above for some things. Our AI on what's important to you is personally tailored based on your individual usage for one. There's no need to change from Inbox if you like their features though. We do pretty different stuff and the apps work great side-by-side if you can handle that sort of thing. :) Inbox focuses mostly on pulling content out of your messages while Notion focuses more on your communication with others and the relationships behind the messages. Definitely check out all the goodies in Radar and People tabs. Here's a blog post with more on Radar: https://blog.notion.ai/on-your-r...
As an overview, the Notion email app is designed to solve email overload and improve your communications and relationships. It uses AI that trains on your email history and current behavior to build an understanding of the people and email that is important to you so it can give you a better experience. Some Key features: βœ“ Unified Inbox βœ“ Focus-based Inbox: See everything, miss nothing, but important emails are brighter. βœ“ Smart multi-swipe: Clean out unimportant emails with addicting speed. βœ“ Radar: AI-based email prioritization and question tracking. βœ“ People Insights: Surface contact details and data buried in your email. βœ“ Mutual connections: See the people who know in common. βœ“ Origins: See the story behind who you've met. βœ“ Smart notifications: Alert only for important emails (if you'd like). It's currently available for iOS, Android, and we have an Alexa skill (pending approval process). Desktop is well under development. If you'd like to sign up for alerts on desktop, you can do so here: https://www.notion.ai/features#d...
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Using the Notion AI, we are able to do some pretty striking things no one else has done yet. For example, our Alexa skill lets you: check for important emails, get details on your contacts (job description, how you met), among other things. It's so natural and seemless. Check it out here:
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@soapko Haha, an interesting take on an ad for email to say the least... looks pretty great. Looking forwad to trying it out tonight, I have an Amazon Dot arriving by 9pm!
I wonder if there will be any naming issues with Notion.so...
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@vladzima Hope not, we've both been using the name for a while now I think. We could help them think of other ones though if they were so inclined. ;) We actually use Notion.so pretty heavily here at Notion AI in sharing our design specs internally. I highly recommend Notion.so! We adore our "brother from another mother" has they have called us before. Hehe.
They just went live, backed by Drive Capital and Accel with $9.5m. Here's @sarahintampa's coverage in TechCrunch.
@rrhoover @sarahintampa Thanks Ryan! Sarah's coverage was a real treat and honor for our team here!
@guysuter @rrhoover @sarahintampa Great story! Reads well with the origin post, stellar writing :) https://blog.notion.ai/why-i-sta...
@guysuter Congrats on launching @NotionApp! I'm (a week) late to the party, but I am REALLY digging it so far. I'm using it for both work and personal accounts, and this is just what the doctor ordered. I'm an #InboxInfinity kinda guy and have been waiting for an automated cognitive assistant to help determine what's important and/or needs a response. Now that you've earned all of this media coverage, it's the perfect time for (me to plug) @PressTotem. We have a #Free4Three @ProductHunt special, which means we'll build you a killer press page and throw in 3 free months. /cc @rrhoover @sarahintampa
Notion is the best iOS email app that I've tried thus far. I'm looking forward to testing Super Human though
@_jacksmith Thanks, Jack! As a product designer, I'm excited other teams are trying to build intelligent and beautiful emails clients and not simply another proprietary platform. Keeps me on my toes and makes the space better for everyone. :)
@_jacksmith @soapko I am in total agreement, being a long time user of @NotionApp myself, I have definitely been able to get more productive by: 1. Focusing on emails that are important (although not a big fan of the design changes in the multi-swipe made in the latest update 2. Leveraging connection details and responsiveness info. 3. Following-up on emails I haven't answered, and 4. Removing FYIs in one tap. Now these are the features that I enjoy using but I am sure there are multiple others like Alexa integration and smart alerting which I want to use going forward.