Which little-known Mac utilities do you believe are great and deserve more recognition?

Bo Hatchet
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Let's bring value to fellow Mac users while helping some talented developers.


Elen Udovichenko
I'm not really a pro user, but my two must-have Mac apps are Spark for Mac (email client for Mac) and CleanMyMac X (to clean junk and optimize performance) - both apps built by one company MacPaw in Ukraine which makes them even more awesome! šŸ˜Š
Rowe Morehouse
Here are some of the "lesser known" apps I use: Marked 2 Web Recorder CSS Scan Responsively FlyCut QuickKey TabNine BetterSnapTool BetterTouchTool Karibiner USB Overdrive Tuple Yac Goofy Telefrost Telegram Client Wondershare PDF Pro Gapplin ImageOptim Image Shrinker TinyPNG4Mac Image2Icon ExifCleaner FontGoggles Xnip KeyCastr MediaInfo AudioFinder INNA Triode Plug Arq You can see all the apps in my Mac Stack here: https://rowe-morehouse.github.io... ā€”ā€”
Mohammed Imthathullah
I use Pasta to manage my Clipboard and Proxyman whenever I am working with HTTP requests. Both serve a good purpose, improve productivity and solve a niche problem. Both made by Indie developers. After macOS Big Sur is out, I can add my tool for iOS developers, Swimbols, to the list.
Radoslav Stankov
I love menu bars apps and have too many of them šŸ˜… Bartender is great way to organize those. Notefile is my favourite just write a not thingy. It has iOS counter part with sync. Yoink is also a great tool if you drag & drop a lot Focused Task (which I wrote) is also something I use every day.
Wayne Smallman
Soulver, Memory Clean 3, Magnet, and LaunchBar.
Eric Alli
Some really handy taskbar apps: Backtrack - https://www.backtrack.team Vanilla - https://matthewpalmer.net/vanilla/ Browserosaurus - https://browserosaurus.com