An modern and intuitive HTTP debugging proxy

#1 Product of the DayMarch 31, 2019
Proxyman is a native OSX HTTP Debugging Proxy app, which is capable of proxying and intercepts the HTTP/HTTPS requests. The app helps you debug your HTTPS request from apps, domain, remove devices and iOS simulator and replicate the requests.
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Seems like you could also use this to manually monitor new mac apps. Review the data they are sending back home, and whether or not they should.
@chadwhitaker Although Proxyman is primarily focus on debugging for iOS dev and QA. It also capable of detecting suspicious data from new mac apps.
I came across this on Hacker News after looking for an open source alternative to Charles. It seems to work great so far and also looks good.
@agweber Hey, I'm creator of Proxyman. Thank for hunting it 😍 Proxyman is under development. I'm keen to push it to Stable version soon.
@agweber @williamukoh Yes it's free for all essential features. Such as, HTTPS debug on macOS, iOS simulator and iOS device and handy debugger tools to increase your productivity. Every two weeks, I will push new version. If you have any request, please let me know via my Repo: Thank you in advance 😍
not a fan of products developed with only a single OS supported when it is a tool that could be utilized by people of many. With the amount of tools out there to easily develop something that could run on the main few OS's, it is kind of odd to see these days and when its a great product it's just disappointing.
@jimmy1 Thank for feedback. At the first attempt, I tried to write Electron-based app, but eventually it consumes too much memory and CPU during debugging. There are many friends complain about it. Thus, it's really bad for experiences. The selling point of Proxyman is that it's exclusive built on native macOS with an intuitive UI. I strictly follow the macOS Human Interface Guidelines from Apple. Performance and easy to use are the key.
@jimmy1 @dennar_svezh 80% percents are Swift, other is C++ and Objc
@jimmy1 @nghia_tran_uit Oh, so Swift still not comprehensevi lang for App like this one? thank you, and good luck!
I am a QA and have used Proxyman to see the requests/responses from web domains. It seems much easier to use as compared to Console/Charles 👍Wonder when this product support remote device as I need to test iOS/ Android apps
@_8bitzz It's actually done yesterday ;D I'm going to rollout this feature end of today 🚀 Ticket here:
@_8bitzz I've rolled out 1.3.4. Check it out 😍
Seems very promising, will use it when have a chance, congrats @nghia_tran_uit
@ducdev Thank you so much 👏 If you're iOS/Android dev or Mobile QA, it's must-have tool to help you debug quickly ;D