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I like the app, ive seen it when it was in beta, but once it went live I didnt get it. 15$ is just waaay to much for me personally.
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My obsession with tiny menu bar apps can easily be hidden and cleaned up with this app. Easily my favorite way to tidy things up.
Can't believe this wasn't hunted yet. A must for every Mac I own. It's easy for the menu bar to get crowded but Bartender keeps it nice and clean. It's something really simple that brings a lot of joy. Even just being able to re-arrange the order of items in the menu bar makes me feel better about my workspace.
@eric3000 One of the first apps I install @benhsurtees :)
@eric3000 Any other similar useful app to recommend?
@jberrebi Alfred, TextExpander, 1Password, Divvy, and Yoink. If I don't have those on my Mac, I go crazy. Just not as fast and at peace with my computer.
@eric3000 Just bought Yoink. Looks great! I'm already using Alfred, TextExpander and 1Password all the time :) Don't need Divvy I also like a lot Fantastical & Skitch
@jberrebi I think we think alike :) I'm also using Fantastical and skitch. Productivity machine
Every minimalists dream! Definitely going to check it out when I get to the office!