I need business ideas

Lalit sharma
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What business do you think I should start?


There are several places you could start with this: - Solve a problem you discovered - Build a variation of what already exists (make it better, faster, etc.) Check these resources if you're stuck for ideas: https://www.producthunt.com/post... https://www.producthunt.com/post... https://www.producthunt.com/post... https://www.producthunt.com/post... Remember, ideas are everywhere. It's all about you actually getting started and doing it.
Lalit sharma
@leandro8209 idk what to say I am replying so late ! But like you said I have started working or solving problems I had and I am trying to make products to serve the public
Danyub Mustefa
Find a demographic you like, people you love communicating with. In my case, its bloggers. Then solve a problem they are having. If you like talking to your users, it wouldn't matter if you have a billion competitors, you'd still get sales.
Lalit sharma
@danyubmustefa how to I communicated with them ? Like where ?
Stephen Shaw
I recently started @ProductNames to help with ideas. I tweet out available names daily for inspiration or new projects 🚀 https://twitter.com/ProductNames
Anna Stoianova
I like Hedgehog concept from Jim Collins book "Good to Great" to define what to do next. Not only about business ideas, but also when i need any other creative decision like next career steps. I outline it briefly here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/up...
Ben Brausen
I think this is a horrid approach. You need to be passionate about whatever business you're starting. Only you know what that is. You can't simply have someone say, "Baseball cards are the business you should start." and expect to attack something you don't fully invest in with a passion. It will fail.
Lalit sharma
@benbrausen I understand where you are coming from - it's just I want to broaden my mind with like new ideas and by understand what kind of ideas are available out there
Christian Heine
@benbrausen I fully agree. @lalit_sharma2 I know you probably don't want to hear this, but: It's hard to ramp up a new business. Like really hard. And just to say it again: It's really, really hard. Yes, ideas are important, but execution is 100 times (and I mean one hundred times) more important. And even if you are great at one aspect (like coding or marketing) expect to struggle a lot in other areas. Weird, unexpected things will happen. Sometimes you can be your worst enemy (e.g. when you didn't meet your targets and start doubting yourself). You can see it this way: - You need to deeply understand the problem (most important) - You need to clearly know (or figure out) how to solve it - You need to get people to notice and use it - You need to convince others to join your cause (well, at some point at least) You can consider these like power bars. Nobody starts with each at 100%. But the lower they are, the harder you need to work to compensate for it. This is why many people will tell you that you should have passion for your idea (If you deeply understand the problem and really care for it, then you are likely to figure it out. No matter how tough sh** gets. And yes, expect it to get tough. Sorry, I cannot make this point often enough). If you want to start a business "because you think you should start a business", then don't. Join someone else who is starting a business. If you want to start a business because you hate your current job, either find a different job (maybe even in a startup) or rethink your priorities (can you change something in your current job, or maybe really just change you attitude). The last thing I want is to discourage you from starting a business. It can yield a tremendous learning curve. But expect it to be kinda like an an iceberg. Even with decent preparation, you will see just a few percent of what's really necessary to get your idea off the ground. Anyways: Good luck - whatever you choose to do.
Lalit sharma
@benbrausen @christianheine thank you sooo much for writing this for me and after a year I can say I have found a problem that I really want to solve ( my own problem) & idk where did this came from but I always wanted to work for myself & I don't like working under someone so maybe that's why I want to start my own business - I never back our from learning something it gets slow but never stops
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