Business idea validation

Lalit sharma
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I have an idea for an application Which will " Help people meet other people with different skills for building products - for example I have an idea (just like this one) but don't have skills & other people who have skills but no idea Come together too build and work on that idea " because you know first step is the most hardest and product building is that step for any business It will solve problem for all the people - this problem is mine as well I had this idea when I looked for people who can help me build my ideas because I have no skills Soo if any developer is interested I would like to co-found with them this idea And I have just given the basic idea here I also have a lot of things that I want to include in this application .


A fairly common problem in business is capital, or rather the lack of it. It is very difficult sometimes when you realize that you have the desire, the idea, but there is simply no money to implement it. To help in such a case can come m&a association, if interested, in more details read here . You can create your own company even without much capital. Provide an idea and a startup, and perhaps you can negotiate a merger with another large company. That will give you a way to success.
You are right about the validation, you may use tool like to validate the potential of your idea.