This is my first app powered by OpenAI. It uses an autoregressive language model w/ deep learning to generate new product and business ideas. I hope you like it and get inspired!
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Hi Product Hunters! This is my first app powered by OpenAI. 🤔 Problem This year has been weird, and I've had a harder time getting motivation to work on things. I was trying to build new things but also lacking in ideas. @marckohlbrugge and me then started hacking on OpenAI's new GPT-3 API and I thought "okay if I can't come up with ideas, maybe let the AI come up with ideas?" 💡 Solution I send GPT-3 a prompt of pre-defined good ideas from existing startups. It then uses its autoregressive language model w/ deep learning to generate new product and business ideas. Because GPT-3 still has a hard time judging if ideas are good or bad, ideas can be liked/disliked by you and rise to the top. So it's kind of human-augmented AI. 💳 Monetization The API costs money, so I need to make that back. So if you like an idea, you can claim it, pay $99 and it gets removed from the site. (kinda like those hiphop beat sell sites). I hope you like it and get inspired from these ideas to create something! <3 Let me know if you have questions on how I build it etc.
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Nick Frost
Product Hunt user #69
It's like Product Hunt for the startup you haven't started building.
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Owen Far
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@marckohlbrugge @levelsio Honestly, asking for $99 to claim an idea is quite ridiculous considering it's done by GPT-3. I understand that the API costs money, but this is definitely not the best way to earn back. I'm claiming an idea that 1000 other people might have already saw/copied, so it's not really unique to me. Why not apply a monthly/yearly sub for those that are interested to receive unique ideas in their inbox? Just my thoughts :) Congrats on the launch!
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Usama Khalid
Started recently
Cool but i need GPT-3 powered CEO. 😅
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Ayoola JohnPM @ Facebook | Founder @ Blademy
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
@usama_khalid coming in GPT-4
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Hidden comment
Ideas are plentiful; execution is key. Keeping an idea from someone else doesn’t seem that valuable to me, but maybe you could sell a report for each idea. I could pay you for auto generated business intelligence information like competitors/incumbents, SWOT, expected annual income, first year’s startup investment/expense, potential tax benefits or grants, and even let users input their country or postal code for localized details. This would even let me enter my own idea or existing business to get AI-powered business intelligence. Call it AI-BI, ABI, or BI by AI, etc.
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@tourkick I think you are overestimating the power of GPT-3
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Abdullah Al MallakFounder & CEO
@tourkick Exactly the world isn't scarce for more ideas, rather executers so I believe a brief business plan for each idea will be worth while paying for.
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Wilbert Liu
Making products to ease people's life
Dude.., I’m always amazed by your creativity to make the business model. Product wise, I think it would be great if you make email newsletter (could be a paid one) that will send let’s say 5 new ideas every 3 days or something. That said, I wish you have a great success with it. Or perhaps working on a new idea from it? 😉
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Alex Wolkov ☭
UX, Front End
This is great! For $99 is better generate a business plan for this idea to kick it off!
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