The 25 Days of Ideas

Free resources for coming up with startup ideas



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Evan Kimbrell — Founder, Sprintkick
Thanks @jwmares and hello PH,

Everyone here celebrates good ideas that turn into great products. But I bet that a lot of people feel left out when they don’t have an idea that they’re really passionate about pursuing. So why not, I put together a collection of free videos and resources to help anyone come up with a startup idea. Because what else was I supposed to do with my spare time? Not make a bunch of Christmas-themed videos?

You can watch one a day and build a nice list of ideas by Christmas OR you can be a glutton and watch all of them right now. (Because who doesn't eat their entire advent calendar in a day?)

Think of the series as 25 days of bad sweaters, memes, and not-bad inspiration. All of the common strategies for ideation are covered, plus a few of the obscure, and they’re all topped off with case studies so you know which company did what and why and how. Also, there's free stuff.

Shoutouts to @robynchaaang, @paulaborowska, & @karloscarweber for helping out and coming up with crazy- *cue the get off the stage music* k bye

Daveyon Mayne — Developer,
@evankimbrell Video cuts out if I resize the browser. Not an issue but not sure if that was intended or not.
Evan Kimbrell — Founder, Sprintkick
@mirmayne I'll check it out. We are having some unique issues because we decided to use Wistia. Maybe next time Vimeo or YouTube
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Love the text at the bottom about @evankimbrell:

"I also make sites like this when I’m bored."
Evan Kimbrell — Founder, Sprintkick
@rrhoover Love me some side projects :)
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