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Thanks @jwmares and hello PH, Everyone here celebrates good ideas that turn into great products. But I bet that a lot of people feel left out when they don’t have an idea that they’re really passionate about pursuing. So why not, I put together a collection of free videos and resources to help anyone come up with a startup idea. Because what else was I supposed to do with my spare time? Not make a bunch of Christmas-themed videos? You can watch one a day and build a nice list of ideas by Christmas OR you can be a glutton and watch all of them right now. (Because who doesn't eat their entire advent calendar in a day?) Think of the series as 25 days of bad sweaters, memes, and not-bad inspiration. All of the common strategies for ideation are covered, plus a few of the obscure, and they’re all topped off with case studies so you know which company did what and why and how. Also, there's free stuff. Shoutouts to @robynchaaang, @paulaborowska, & @karloscarweber for helping out and coming up with crazy- *cue the get off the stage music* k bye
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@evankimbrell Video cuts out if I resize the browser. Not an issue but not sure if that was intended or not.
@mirmayne I'll check it out. We are having some unique issues because we decided to use Wistia. Maybe next time Vimeo or YouTube
Love the text at the bottom about @evankimbrell: "I also make sites like this when I’m bored."
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@rrhoover Love me some side projects :)
Wow - when I clicked I was expecting something kind of silly. But this is both really useful + hilarious. Loved this: 😀 "Did you know that the inventor of the Roomba came up with the idea because he wanted his wife’s dog to go away and then realized that it hated vacuum noises? That’s not true, but if it were, it’d be considered problem solving. Sometimes what you set out to do solves something else entirely." @evankimbrell did you write all of these? Did this JUST start? How long have you been working on this?
@mscccc Thanks Mike! If you get a chance check out a video or two. They're all pretty bite sized. I like Day 3 (Imagine the future) and Day 26 (Robin Hood-ing): On site writing was a joint effort with @robynchang. She definitely gets credit for that Roomba line haha. This all in all took about 2 weeks to put together from scripting, filming to site design and dev. It's based off an online course I made a year ago where the most popular part was the "strategies for startup ideas" section. So add christmas, some alcohol, and a team of meme-obsessed video editors and this is what you get.
@evankimbrell what can I say? Well done sir.
@mhelbig1 Why thank you
Congrats on the launch! Great content!
@futhey Thanks James. That's your logo!