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Co-founder here. We were not expecting being featured that early 😅! We are really excited to unveil Missive, a new kind of email app built to let teams collaborate right in their inbox. Be it customer support, sales, partnerships or notifications, in our experience, email often requires more than two eyeballs. Missive makes that process efficient. We wrote a post explaining the WHY and the HOW: https://missiveapp.com/blog/hell... For the moment, Missive is only compatible with Google App/Gmail. We are in a closed beta, request your invite and we will invite you ASAP. I'm happy to answer any question you might have regarding the product or the team. We are from Quebec City (Canada) and previously launched ConferenceBadge.com, which now generates ~$50k/mo revenue and funds our development on Missive. We applied for YC W16.
GL with the YC application, @plehoux. How did you answer the question, "What's new about what you're making? What substitutes do people resort to because it doesn't exist yet (or they don't know about it)?"
@rrhoover > Missive brings real-time collaborative features like chat, mentions and file sharing, directly in your email client, thus reducing the need for cluttering email forwards and CC, third party apps (chat, help desk), or even phone calls and meetings.
Awesome logo. Fresh, smart mark in a hard-to-be-different email icon game!
@covrter man, @_tristan – the designer – is brilliant.
Hat tip gents, Missive is this kind of tool that's easy to overlook yet indispensable as soon as you start using it... and of course it's beautiful!
Beautiful product by an awesome team! Great job building something new out of the archaic email system!