What tools or practices do you use to help you focus during your work day?

Daniel Butler
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Marian Lucas
For me it's more what tools I don't use, I try to hide my dock. Have as few apps possible in my doc and block all distractions whenever I am pursuing deep work. For focus, my best kept secret is tune in on brain fm, wait 15 minutes and you should be in the Zone. Not everyone likes music when they work tho..
Mohamed Mezian
The mighty pen and paper for your tasks of the day
Roman Velitskiy
@augurisk I thought I'm the only one who still prefers to write down things and tasks with a good old pen!
Triv Andhare
The 'Deep Focus' playlist on Spotify has got me in the zone a few times!
Julie Fung
I use the Pomodoro method in a productivity app (Centered)! I also like to practice getting into the flow state! Focusing on one thing at a time, blocking out notifications/distractions, and taking breaks have been really important to me during my work hours!
Daniel Butler
@justjuliefung awesome! do you use Tempo email?
Julie Fung
@justjuliefung @dnlbtlr Oh, I've heard of it! I haven't had a need to! I don't get that many emails, haha. I'm good about setting times to check/organize my emails though!