Do you have any advice for me🙋‍♂️?

Kağan Taşkın
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The best way to learn is to experience. The fastest way to learn is to learn from the experiences of others. I'm Kagan. 18 years old. I am interested in entrepreneurship and marketing issues. I aim to establish my own startup in the future. What would be your advice to "me", who is young and has little experience compared to you, about this entrepreneurial journey? ("You can do these, do these, do an internship before you start, etc.") - I am not experienced in any subject, - I am inexperienced but ambitious, - I have no professional and friendly circle on this subject. In short, what would be your suggestion that you have learned somehow by this time and will be of great benefit to a beginner?


Catherine Crandall
Kalgan, my advice: just start. In time, the areas where you list you inexperience or connections will change to “a little experience, connections,” then some more, and more. Keep learning and growing. Everyone starts from “little experience” and builds from there. Good luck to you!
Hussein Yahfoufi
Start by learning a social skill to start gaining experience. Seems like you enjoy marketing so start there. Read a book called Traction this does a good job at giving an overview of all the various types of marketing. See which one of those types of marketing you like the most and find a way to practice them so you can learn those skills. As you learn these skills you will start meeting people and you will build your circle. In a year you will then become experienced in a subject. You will hopefully still be ambitious. You will also have a professional and friendly circle. Then you can start thinking about ideas for things you can do and if you need a technical partner you will meet some during your journey.
You're in a better position than most if you're already considering these things. I'd say a few things: 1. Take the time to consume from the best founders, investors, authors, etc. It makes a massive difference in terms of how you think. 2. Immerse yourself in the industry your interested in and keep an eye out for anything that annoys you or others around you. Never accept "that's just the way it is" as an answer. 3. Network network network. Your network will be vital in the long run. 4. Be public about the learning process, will help you grow an audience in the space that interests you. Hopefully, building up the knowledge, experience, network, and audience will help you when you to successfully launch a product when you find the right problem to solve.
Zachary Green
ur biggest opportunities will come after temporary defeat