Why do people follow someone on Product Hunt?

Kağan Taşkın
8 replies
Hi everyone, I am new here. And I am trying to understand this place better. I have a question about this. Why do people follow someone? What are the benefits of following someone?


jiebu li
why no one want to answer your qustion?
Stefan Wirth
@jiebu_li @tdajani Haha pretty ironic that the only comment (at that time) is not an answer 😁🤙
Hello Kağan, welcome to Product Hunt 😸 When you follow someone, you are notified (top-left) when they launch something or subscribe to an Upcoming page. Be sure to check out our guide on getting started: https://help.producthunt.com/en/...
Tarek Dajani
Hey Kagan, sometimes people just like how a person thinks and they follow him. When that happens you are notified when they launch a product.
Austin Marks
Like the other commenters said you will get notified when they launch a product, you will also get notified if they ever hunt a product.