How important is a professional email address for a freelancer?

Csaba Apagyi
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I've noticed that it's quite cumbersome to set up a professional email address. For example, it involves purchasing and maintaining a domain. I'm testing a service aimed at simplifying this process: Would appreciate your feedback about the landing page and your experience / opinion about setting up a professional email address.


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Interesting idea! I usually setup a free Zoho account to get going. Uniregistry I think charged $2/month but you have to bring your own domain for both of those options. Aesthetically the landing page looks good but it doesn't really explain what you do. I knew what the product was because of the discussion here otherwise it doesn't not say much.
@husseinyahfoufi Don't think the zoho accounts are free anymore (with no restrictions and IMAP), but old accounts are grandfathered
@husseinyahfoufi Thanks! I'm working on articulating the selling points now, will ping you once they're ready.
@husseinyahfoufi Just shipped an improved value-prop. Let me know what you think!
I don't worry about it. Emails have become expensive.
@michelle_ngome Thanks! This was one of the motivation behind Vanity. We plan to start as low as $1/month for an email and subdomain.
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I don’t think it’s important at all. But, often, tools I want to try out ask for a « business email » and refuse mais gmail account. This is quite frustrating, maybe there’s something you can do about it.
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@thomas_jacquesson1 Thanks! That is indeed frustrating and it is an important benefit of Vanity to be able to use your address as a business address.
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I don't think its that important. I would trust a freelancer who don't have a professional email.
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Landing page is not that important if you also consider the setup, maintenance, fees... Linkedin or other professional networks, marketplaces can solve your problem. Also they can attract more visitors to your profile. But professional email address could be useful depending on what kind of business you re in and the price range of your service.