Landing page feedback:

Csaba Apagyi
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Hello Founders! We recently launched our landing page for Componently, an Asset Management platform for Software Components! Would love to hear your feedback! Is the value proposition clear? Could you explain in your own words what the problem is we’re solving and how? Is there anyone in your network who might be interested?


Xavier Coiffard
Hey, here is my 2 cents: - You should use the benefit for the customer as a Hero (integrate new functionality faster) and describe how you do it in the subhero - I don't get what you want me to do: talk? subscribe? Get updates? Use a unique CTA - the one in the header don't do anything here… - I need more details, some screenshots/use cases? I need to understand deeply how your product can help me
Shahrzad Darafsheh
I agree with @x_vi_r. The two things I look for upfront when evaluating a new product are 1. How does it work? I'd like some screenshots or maybe a demo of the product up front 2. From there, if I'm interested, I wanna go straight to the pricing page -- do you have a pricing model in place? Is this a subscription based business? Is it fully free? If so, I wanna sign up and test it out right away.