Building vs. buying features for web applications

Csaba Apagyi
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Hello Makers, I'm working on making it easier to find features for web applications (like authentication systems, video chats, forms with data management, etc.). I'm still baffled by how many companies write basically the same features over and over again. What's your experience with this? Have you ever bought features for web applications instead of building them? Which ones? How did it work out? And in which situations did you build something you could have just bought? I've also set up a google form to get a bit more quantitative grip on the topic: Would help a great deal if you could share your insights. Thanks!


Deepak Joshi
Buying features is way more convenient and a lot of times cheaper too. If the source is authentic and the app is well tested it should always be preferred.
Building vs. Buying software: When to code yourself Unique functionalities: If the feature is crucial to your competitive edge and requires extensive customization, building it yourself might be necessary. Data privacy concerns: For handling highly sensitive data, building in-house gives you complete control over security measures. Long-term ownership: If you anticipate significant future modifications or integrations, building provides more flexibility. My experience buying features: Used a payment gateway API (Stripe, PayPal) to simplify transactions instead of building my own cumbersome system. Integrated social media logins (Facebook, Google) through their APIs to enhance user experience without reinventing the wheel. Here's the magic sauce: The Hybrid Approach Utilize pre-built features for common functionalities. Focus your development efforts on building unique features that differentiate your application.