What are you working on this month?

David Delahunty
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Let's take this as an opportunity to chat about what you're working on and meet other makers. Here's how you can join the discussion: First, reply to someone else who's commented - say hello or leave them some feedback or positive words of encouragement! (we all need that) Lastly, drop a comment explaining what you're building, and what is your biggest goal for Aug. Personally I just launched my new ebook on Product Hunt https://www.producthunt.com/post... Excited to read what you're all working on!


Henry Zhang
My team and I are building a SaaS product for non-profits, healthcare businesses, and startups that provides worry free security originally reliant on security professionals to provide. Biggest goal for August is getting our minimum viable product out to market!
Hasan Diwan
I'm building a tool to automate one's interactions with one's social media accounts.
Sam Laber
We're making our food scanner app work for plant-based and gluten-free eaters. Lots of work with ingredient lists, dietitians and label info. Looking to launch in coming 6-8 weeks!
Kateryna Cherniei
Me and the team are looking for beta testers for mvp.copyrage.com (code: mysupersecurekey) I would appreciate to see people joining and interacting with my tool that matches hobby traders and bettors and professionals with valid history.
Arthur Timofeyev
Hi! Just launched our first product on Product Hunt. Grow 2.0 is an easy-to-use productivity app designed to help your kids to achieve personal growth. Your kids will learn how to set the right goals and get desired rewards for achieving great results - https://www.producthunt.com/post.... The biggest goal for August is to validate the idea and start developing the app. I will be happy to receive any feedback, good or bad, and discuss it with you! Many thanks in advance. Arthur
Adam Hayek
A small Chrome extension that can trigger tasks and receive data from automation platforms like Zapier or a custom back-end. So far it's actually quite neat, some examples of how it works: https://klip-744d8e.webflow.io/
Raja Simon
Currently doing brainstorming ideas season at https://twitter.com/worthbuilding
I am building a platform to help solve CV privacy problems. https://kwickbox.intuitive-web.c...